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Where No One Goes

Personal Work, 2016-2022

Where No One Goes is a series of interconnected short stories about emotional experiences that have not found their words of expression yet.

"Can I see inside your head?", he asks and off they go on an insighful trip through Marlo's memories. Memories of

encounters that changed her life, encrypted in metaphors

for not everything can be simply expressed in words.

All four volumes are available in my online shop.

Vol.2 - Where No One Lives

"People come and go all the time. But while they stay, they stay
alone and when they leave, they leave part of themselves behind.

Lost to the world are those who never find home"

 Vol.3 - Where No One Grows

"Touched by a monkey's passion, Marlo decides to stay and help the monkey achieve her goals. They quickly become friends. But the flame of passion burns to hotter in 
some than in others."

Vol. 4 - No One Else

In a world full of choices, the question “What do you want to do with your life?”
is paralysing Basil. In search for answers he visits the most breath-taking places,
unable to enjoy them, for the bleak landscape of his mind follows him
everywhere he goes.

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