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Original Work within the Anthology

"Wanderer! Between these dusty pages lie the entrances to long lost dimensions. Traverse eleven wild mindscapes by twelve artists, if you dare. When you've seen enough you can rest your sore feet, stow your space suit and wait for our next call to adventure."

The W.I.L.D.zine is a risoprint antology created by a collective of mostly Berlin based artists, with comics around broadly the same theme.

Issue #1 encompasses 46 pages, all around the theme of the "wild" and is home to the  PUZZLE. The 4-page shortstory was written by Jed McPherson and was Platform Comics Winner in 2019.

Issue #2 NORMAL is a 4-page shortstory created and published in the second issue. It tells the story of children growing up during the zombie apocalypse. The theme was "infected".

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